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The New Premium Therapy for Sagging Skin Areas

Not only the face – the body also changes in the course of life. Maintaining the ideal figure and youthful appearance demands more and more attention over the years. In addition to genetics, environmental influences, weight gain and diets gradually contribute to the fact that the skin loses its elasticity, elasticity and firmness.

Body regions such as the stomach, the inside of the upper arms or the knees are often the most severely affected. The skin tends to be dry and becomes increasingly slack and wrinkled. A lot of sport and expensive creams are of little help here.

For most women, these developments are not just age-related blemishes, but are often a real problem with a significant impact on their general well-being and everyday life. Critical areas are frustrated and the cloakroom rethought. In many cases, lifestyle habits change, such as sunbathing or going to the sauna in public.


image s showing the concept of The New Premium Therapy for Sagging Skin Areas

Treatment with the PROFHILO ® BODY Kit is efficient, well tolerated and very quick.
The PROFHILO ® BODY Kit consists of 2 pre-filled syringes PROFHILO ® (3 ml each) , the PROFHILO ® FIGURA Body Patches and the PROFHILO ® FIGURA Body Cream and thus contains everything you need for all-round care for the patient.

First, PROFHILO ® BODY is injected into the affected areas with fine needles in just a few boluses. There it distributes itself in the tissue and develops its effectiveness there.

Then the PROFHILO ® FIGURA Body Patches are applied to the treated areas and remain there for 2-3 hours. They soothe the skin and provide moisture.

The PROFHILO ® FIGURA Body Cream for daily care at home also supports the treatment. The multi-active toning cream with a silky texture is quickly absorbed, provides the skin with intensive moisture and gives it new resilience and elasticity.

Immediately after the application, you can return to your usual everyday life. PROFHILO ® BODY is therefore the perfect lunchtime treatment.

The application protocol provides for 2 treatments at an interval of 4 weeks. It is recommended to repeat the treatment every 6 months or so.


image 2 showing the concept of The New Premium Therapy for Sagging Skin Areas

The BAP tool

PROFHILO ® BODY is injected wherever the skin needs moisture.

For use on the abdomen and upper arms, the 10 injection points can be marked using the BAP tool.
0.3 ml of PROFHILO ® BODY are injected into the middle dermis for each BAP point .

When treating the knee or other areas, freestyle is used.