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Bio-Permanent Makeup – Cosmetic Tattooing (Lips, Eyebrows, Eyeliner)

Natural-looking permanent cosmetics or micro-pigmentation technologies!

Learn more about Bio-Permanent Makeup – Cosmetic Tattooing (Lips, Eyebrows, Eyeliner), Advance Aesthetics, Luxembourg

The concept of permanent bio makeup emerged from the Mediterranean culture, and it has become an aesthetic, innovative technique since the late 1970s. Various aestheticians and cosmetologists are practicing the method to help businesswomen, artists, female athletes, and physically active homemakers save their time applying makeup every morning to start their day. Bio permanent makeup also allows patients with Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, tremors, vision problems, cataracts, and blindness, as these conditions are troublesome for women in applying makeup. In addition, permanent bio makeup or cosmetic tattooing is also ideal for women with allergies and hypersensitivities.

Advanced Aesthetics, Luxembourg is delighted to provide natural-looking permanent cosmetics or micro-pigmentation technologies. The PMU pigment looks like everyday makeup primarily as an eyebrow pencil, lip liner, and eyeliners. If you have faint, no, or partial eyebrows, cosmetic ink will help penetrate the affected area by giving natural, fuller, and permanent eyebrows. Also, Elita at Advance Aesthetics enables you to say goodbye to lipsticks by applying permanent inks to the lips and giving them a definition and line. Similarly, bio permanent eyeliners help stay away from cosmetic liners and the tiring practice of applying them in everyday busy life.

Lip scaring and darker lips can also appear pleasantly beautiful by cosmetic pigmentation or bio- permanent makeup. However, getting the procedure done by a certified and licensed aesthetician or cosmetic surgeon is crucial to avoid the infection complications and risks associated with cosmetic pigmentation.

Advance Aesthetics; the state-of-the-art facility under the supervision of MS-certified aesthetician Elita makes sure to carry on the procedure under sterile conditions.

What are the Benefits of Bio – Permanent Makeup?

You can achieve the key benefits and results from the bio permanent makeup, which are as under;

  • Permanent makeup helps you to streamline your daily routine
  • Permanent makeup is a one-time investment, and treatment requires only touch-ups on fading over time.
  • The procedure outcomes allow you to think and feel good about yourself
  • Bio permanent makeup helps women who are not confident about their makeup application.
  • Bio permanent makeup gives aesthetic definition, facial rejuvenation, and improved scars by camouflaging them through permanent bio-ink.

What to Expect Before Bio- Permanent Makeup?

Permanent bio makeup or cosmetic tattooing is the fastest growing business in the cosmetic and beauty industry. It’s a lunch break treatment, and you can resume your everyday activities before and after the treatment. Before getting into the treatment, your aesthetician will perform the patch test to see the allergies or reaction of the skin to the ink pigment intended to use in the procedure. Next, MS Elita helps her patients select lip color and angle of brows for permanent tattooing. Then, the sterile surgical pen does the mapping of the area. The procedure starts by applying local anesthetic gel by numbing the area to avoid discomfort during the process.

What to Expect During Bio Permanent Makeup?

The equipment used to perform permanent bio makeup is a thin hollow vibrating needle. The needle applies pigment at the top layer of the skin by penetrating and releasing the dye into the micro-holes made by the needle. During the procedure, you might feel slight stinging at the target areas, and it may also root redness and swelling of the surrounding tissues. You may feel an instant bright and dark color right after the application, but it takes almost three weeks to get the shade fade to its permanent color. Following are the procedures for bio permanent lip liner, eyeliner, and brows.

Bio- Permanent Eyebrows

The other name for permanent eyebrows is m which is a semi-permanent technique. During the procedure, your aesthetic technician will make several tiny cuts or holes after carefully mapping the brows. Next, a tattooing device with many tiny needles releases the dye to the top layer of the skin. The lines made by the tattooing device appear as natural brow hair with darker pigment and have more volume. Again, the process is semi-permanent and requires touching up sessions after your first visit.

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique in which a sharp, handheld tool made up of 7+ microneedles is used to add semi-permanent pigment to the skin. The nanomachine hair stokes procedure, on the other hand, uses a digital machine to implant pigment into the skin

Ms. Aesthetician Elita Lemoni mastered both techniques and uses a combination of different high-end techniques depending on the skin type, desire style, and needs of each person.

Above all is:

  1. Feathering Brows
  2. W Brows
  3. Ombre Brows
  4. Powder Brows
  5. Combination Brows

Bio- Permanent Lip Liner

For the bio permanent lip liner, your aesthetician will make the lines around the borders of your lips to give them a desired shape and definition. The shading to the actual lips will give the illusion of plumper and fuller lips. You can choose your favorite lip color that you are comfortable wearing or go in natural lip shades. Bio permanent makeup encompasses the process of lip lining, shading (Candy Lips), pixelating or known Baby Lips and Ombre or Aquarelle Lips

Bio- Permanent Eye Liner

An initial appointment for the discussion of the shape and width of eyeliner with the aesthetician is essential. The permanent liner is applied by tattooing the fine line precisely along with the lash line. MS. Elita makes the more even and precise eye line by using advanced tools like digital Nouveau contour. The most classic eyeliner techniques are: Intralashes eyeliner, Classic eyeliner, and ombre or shading eyeliner.

What to Expect After Bio Permanent Makeup?

Following are the aftercare guidelines;

  • Use cold press to avoid post-procedural swelling
  • Use antibiotic ointments to minimize the risk of infection spread at the application area or the surrounding tissues.
  • Strictly protect the target areas from ultraviolet A and B Spectrum, which otherwise may cause the pigment changes of the dye.
  • Apply ice packs to reduce redness and tenderness of the area
  • You may not need a cosmetic liner for seven years after the treatment
  • Avoid taking spicy foods, lipsticks, gloss, red wine, hot drinks, and citrus drinks for seven days after bio permanent lip makeover
  • Don’t wear contact lenses for three days after the permanent eyeliner procedure
  • Don’t go for blood donation for three hours after the treatment

What are the Side Effects of Bio Permanent Makeup?

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Crusting
  • Tenderness
  • Scars
  • Allergic reactions
  • Hyper trophic keloids
  • Localized skin infections
  • Systematic infections

For further information on possibilities that Advance Aesthetics offers, book an initial appointment or call now.