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Ion Steam Deep Cleansing-

The deep cleansing procedure starts by performing a vitality test of your skin.

Ion Steam Deep Cleansing- Advance Aesthetics, Luxembourg

The Aesthetic skincare treatments work deftly when you are following a good skincare routine. Getting skincare facials not only provides benefits to your skin but also helps the aestheticians to gain an understanding of your skin problems before recommending more advanced treatment protocols. When it comes to the candidates who can get the deep cleansing facials, the answer is you, you, or everyone you know –  man or woman, young or old. 

Advance Aesthetics offers a variety of skincare facials, and after assessing the skin issues and your skin type, MS.. Elita provides the best suitable treatment for you. Deep Cleansing with ion steam is a multi-step skincare regimen that focuses on solving particular skin conditions and treats the problem areas. The team of aestheticians at Advance Aesthetics, Luxembourg recommends ion steam deep cleansing after careful analysis of your skin, and it includes the following steps;

  1. Vitality test 
  2. Facial Cleansing with exfoliation
  3. Cleansing with ionic steam
  4. Sebum extraction
  5. Sterilization
  6. Massage therapy
  7. Mask Application
  8. Hydration

What are the Benefits of Ion steams Deep Cleansing?

  • It cleanses
  • Promotes circulation
  • Releases acne-causing bacteria and fungus
  • Releases entrapped sebum plugs
  • Supports the regeneration of collagen and elastin
  • Deep Cleansing is relaxing and soothing
  • Ion steam with essential oil helps in relieving headaches and sinus congestion.
  • Results in healthy, glowy, and nourished skin

Deep Cleansing Procedure Steps

  1. Vitality Test

The deep cleansing procedure starts by performing a vitality test of your skin. After removing makeup, a diagnostic mask is applied to test various areas of the skin. The diagnostic mask determines the parts of the skin that are less hydrated, poorly nourished, having lacking perspiration and fewer vitamins. The vitality mask is also marking the areas with damaged collagen and elastin. The test serves as a biomarker that allows taking steps necessary to get healthy, nourished, and juvenile beauty. 

  1. Facial Cleansing with Exfoliation

If you are visiting Advance Aesthetics with the following conditions, Dr. Elita will recommend you have chemical peeling as part of the cleansing procedure. 

  • Severe Dehydration
  • Acne
  • Photoaging
  • Sensitivity 

Chemical peels help in exfoliating dead cells, cleaning the surface oil, removing dirt, and assisting in maintaining even skin tone and texture. The aesthetic staff chooses the rubbing or enzymatic peels depending on the skin conditions and the types that are effective for sensitive and dehydrated skins. 

The peeling solutions make the skin blister and peel off by making it smoother, less wrinkled than the old skin. The broad range of benefits that chemical peels exfoliation gives include the following;

  • Reduces lines under your eyes and around the mouth
  • Diminishes wrinkles caused by aging and sun damage
  • Helps in initiating acne treatment
  • Help women who take birth control pills and face its side effects such as melasma, dark patches, and age spots. 
  • Reduces pregnancy-associated freckles.
  • Improve the overall appearance and look of skin. 
  1. Deep Cleansing with Steam and Ion
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The ionic steam with antiseptic oils makes the process unique and aids in opening the pores to conduct the deep facial or body Cleansing. If you are not ideal for getting a steam bath, warm relaxing pads and other methods are in place to open the closed pores. Ionic steam therapy is a gentle heating process that unclogs pores and sterilizes the ozone causing stress on facial muscles. The pollutants inside the pores induce tension in the muscles and make them look tired with strong expression lines and wrinkles. The gentle heat surrounds the facial muscles, relax, energize, and oxygenates the tissues. 

  1. Sebum Extraction
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Sebum is a fatty secretion produced by sebaceous glands to lubricate skin and hair. The intense amount of sebum is present in oily skin and is less in combination or dry skin. Sebum extraction is the fourth step in the deep cleaning procedure. Sebum plugs are being formed inside the skin by the excessive secretion of sebum by the sebaceous glands. Sebum exfoliation is performed by the exfoliation scrubs, glycolic acid ointments, salicylic acid ointments, and retinoids or by taking oral medications. 

  1. Sterilization

Right after the sebum extraction, a high-frequency device having electric rods performs the sterilization procedure. The sterilization process aids in restoring the normal pH of the skin. The device passes the low voltage, high-frequency current from the skin through the glass electrodes carrying ions and produces several chemotherapeutic effects that include;

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  • Provides antiseptic effect in open pores
  • Reduces redness
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Reduces inflammatory acne 
  • Stimulates tissue oxygenation
  • Heat reaching various tissue depths limits muscles contraction
  • lessens wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth, under eyes, chin, and forehead 
  1. Massage therapy

Relaxing massage therapy as part of the facial cleansing procedure is a plus to the entire treatment protocol. The nourishing massage creams provide a natural lift to the face, neck, and décolleté. The beneficial facial cleansing massage is a relaxing, well-being experience that calms your skin by delivering oxygen and removing toxins. 

Muscles get relaxed, and they restore their natural tone and texture. Massage therapy also ends in glowing and bright skin. 

  1. Mask application
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Before the final hydration process, a recovery mask is applied to close the procedure. The mask contains soothing oils, herbs, and vitamins that soothe, decongests, and tighten up your skin. After mask application, skin gets cool with fewer wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles. 

  1. Hydration

After removing the recovery mask, the residues on the skin clean off, and it maintains the skin’s natural balance, tone, and acidity. In the final step of the deep cleaning procedure, the moisturizing serums are applied to the face, neck, and décolleté to hydrate the skin. Next, a thin layer of serum is applied to the tender areas like around the eyes, or an eye cream is used to treat puffiness and dark circles. Finally, your aesthetician will close the procedure by applying moisturizer or sunscreen with a high sun protection index. 

For further information on the Ion steam deep cleansing procedure and the possibilities that Advance Aesthetics offers, book your initial appointment by filling our online consultation form or call now!