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Hydrafacial MD

Aqua Dermabrasion - Advance Aesthetics, Luxembourg

What Is Hydrafacial? 

Hydrafacial MD (Hydrafacial) is a Patent skincare treatment used in medical spas and aesthetic clinics to give all in one benefits of skin exfoliation, cleansing, and toning. The treatment is also referred to as Aqua dermabrasion as it involves microdermabrasion line up with the hydrating serums. 

By putting together little extra care, you will get your skin’s bright, glowy, and juvenile appearance. By the action of four steps treatment, you will get rid of dull, boring, dry, and flaky skin as quick as in thirty minutes. A variety of skin conditions can get better by the procedure, which works to deep- clean, exfoliate and hydrate your skin. 

Hydrafacial is one of the most demanding skin care procedures in Europe that favorably treats wrinkles, fine lines, open pores, and other signs of aging contrary to your genetics. Getting the Hydrafacial by the expert hands of aestheticians at Advance Aesthetics, you will get the youthful and juvenile beauty of your own choice by adding customized skincare products. In contrast to various chemical and skin resurfacing procedures that leave your skin sensitive and irritated, Hydrafacial is famous because it is the most productive, non-invasive, and safe and is equally effective for all skin types.  

No downtime is linked with the procedure, and people of all ages can benefit from the facial steps. Teens, adults, and clients’ from all age groups have reported tremendous benefits from the procedure. You will get your dream appearance from expert and talented aestheticians, skin therapists, and dermatologists who are among the world’s best. The moment you enter the state-of-the-art facility of advance aesthetics, it will become part of your primary, functional skin care spa routine. 

How Does Hydrafacial Work? 

Hydrafacial works by its four steps procedural steps that are cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and hydration. The process works by clearing off dead skin cells and opens up pores by the licensed medical-grade device that functions to give the desired outcome when combined with serums such as salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and botanical extracts. In addition, the device is equipped with unique vacuum-powered extraction methods that are aids in the removal of dirt, debris, and impurities from the superficial layers of skin. 

The process is pain-free with no risk of side effects and complications. Elita refers to this procedure as aqua dermabrasion as she infuses serums and exfoliates the skin by the mechanism of microdermabrasion. The device contains a mechanical double helix vortex as an essential part of the facial process, which helps pull out the dirt and debris from the dead skin cells. The double helix vortex has two chambers; both function differently. One chamber removes dead skin cells while the other extracts growth factors, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin-enriched skin. As a result, you will get more reasonable outcomes than regular salon facial because cleansing, exfoliation, activation of growth factor factors, deep infusion of chemical peels and masks prove to get more youthful and refreshed skin. 

What are the procedure steps of Hydrafacial? 

  • The first step of the facial is exfoliation, where dead and dying skin uncovers the refreshed and cleans skin free from dirt, debris, and impurities. The exfoliation process is said to help in pore opening, improves hydration, and aids light to pass through the skin cells, which otherwise are choked by the dead skin.  
  • The next step after cleansing is the application of chemical peels. Chemical peels are the chemical solutions of glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and other nutrients. Chemical peels stab deep into the skin and make the debris unclogged from the inside, which will remove later on. 
  • Vacuum extraction is the third step of the procedure where mechanical wands of the device remove the loosened debris from inside the pores. Your facial therapist will use the suction strength according to what your skin demands. 
  • The fourth step of the facial process is applying collagen and antioxidant serums, which will replenish your skin and promote hydration. 

Advance Aesthetics under the mastery of a qualified Aesthetician is proud to provide the facial outcomes according to what you expect from the treatment. In addition, the very talented Aesthetician Elita Lemoni also incorporates LED light therapy, Oxygen facial, and phototherapy in customized extensive plans of Hydrafacial. 

Why People Prefer Hydrafacial as Part of Their Skin Care Routine? 

  • Hydrafacial is effective for all skin types, e.g., dry, oily, and acne-prone skin. 
  • The facial process is controlled and provides consistent results every time after the treatment. 
  • The facial process doesn’t have any side effects such as redness, itching, swelling, or irritation.
  • The process is painless as it doesn’t involve any pinching, squeezing, and needling. 
  • You will see immediate results.
  • Skin brightness, firmness, and tightness make it the treatment of choice for routine skin care. 

Is Hydrafacial Effective for Acne-prone Skin? 

Hydrafacial and its other benefits help in breaking down the acne cycle in problematic skin areas. If you are taking the treatment regularly, it will prevent acne breakouts. Also, it is effective in reducing the oil/sebum formation in oily skin. 

Regular facial treatment at the interval of two to three weeks helps stabilize your skin and makes the skin a healthy base, thus preventing acne and scarring. In addition, consistent treatments reduce the per month session of Hydrafacial. 

Is Hydrafacial Effective for Oily skin? 

More frequent sessions of Hydrafacial are beneficial to get the desired skin, Pivoting upon your skin type.  More problematic oily skin needs multiples sessions to get the best facial care results. A line of four to six Hydrafacial spaced between four to six weeks is recommended to treat oily skin types for long-lasting results. The duration spaced between the numbers of treatments may vary depending upon skincare needs. 

What do Hydrafacial Results Look Like?

After One to two Hydrafacial sessions, your skin starts appearing healthy. Once it is repaired and you are taking maintenance sessions, home skincare routine, sun protection, and the use of good skincare products, a consistent improvement in fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, scarring will be seen. 

The process improves complexion and provides bright and glowy skin. 

How Long The Results of Hydrafacial Last? 

Results may last from four to six weeks, and maintenance facials help permanently get beautiful, glowing skin.