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Back or Booty Facial

We tend to take good care of the skin on our face and invest in good quality skin care, but often our skin on our back and body can get neglected. It may get congested and uneven due to many factors including sun exposure during the hot summer months.

One of the main factors that contributes to congestion and inflammation is sweat! And wearing layers of clothes during the winter months especially synthetic fabrics can make it worse and can be a major contributor to Back Acne (or “Bacne”).

Being able to effectively clean our back thoroughly in the shower can prove to be a difficult task, which is why we often recommend a deep exfoliating treatment for the back to resolve many skin issues with the added bonus of relaxation and some much needed me time.

The Back Facial

The Perfect Back Facial

We have created the perfect back facial for our clients, as we are a Med-Spa and look at skin with a different eye, we want to offer improvement and a difference in the skin while you relax and enjoy a feel-good treatment.

We have structured our back facials the way we normally offer a Medi-face facial, with customized face and body products f to offer an effective yet invigorating back facial.

Back or Booty Facial 1 showing the concept of Back or Booty Facial

The Back Facial Experience

After massaging the skin with our deep pore cleanser, a warm towel is applied on the skin to help open the pores and wipe away oils and debris. Next Reviderm enzymatic peeling is manually buffered into your skin to both mechanically and physically remove skin imperfections leaving the skin smooth and much brighter. We put 15-20 minutes under ion-steam to soften the skin and help the pores open.

Now comes the deep exfoliating part with our Diamond microdermabrasion we gently glide it over the skin while it suctions and exfoliates all deep congestion and black heads as well as sanding away all the dead skin layer leaving nothing but fresh clean skin, but we don’t stop there! Manual extractions may be done depending the skin condition on this stage. The Hydrafacial is then followed, to give this extra deep cleansing and hydrate further the skin.  We close cleansing procedure with our ferulicpeel or pure from Exception to help kill any bacteria on the skin and to further Enhance results. And now is the fun part. We apply our serums and Cream mask and massage the skin with it to help with lymphatic drainage and hydrate skin. And on top a second layer of our best st selling Hydra Jelly mask, to cool down, sooth and Hydrate deeper.

Your aesthetician will offer you recommendations for proper care at home.

The Bootylicious Facial

Another body area that gets neglected is the buttocks

Ingrown hair, congestion and pigmentation are amongst the few skin issues that clients can struggle with in the booty area.

Booty or the buttocks is one of the most neglected areas of the body, it’s often hard to see what’s going on back there (literally), so we can take care of that for you. Having smooth, even skin everywhere always makes everyone feel a bit more confident.

Our booty facial treatment is a great way to prevent ingrown hairs and acne, stimulate collagen, brighten and soften the skin while smoothing cellulite.

Not only is this treatment relaxing, it’s also very effective in polishing away these impurities and clogged pores with our diamond microdermabrasion, so our active products can go to work to help even-out the skin tone leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Back or Booty Facial 2 showing the concept of Back or Booty Facial

The Bootylicious Treatment

This treatment is customized to each client’s personal concerns, but can include:

Detoxifying, exfoliation, extractions, microdermabrasion, and zapping away any blemishes with our high-frequency to help calm inflammation and detoxify the skin from all trapped bacteria.

Back or Booty Facial 3 showing the concept of Back or Booty Facial

But our favorite part is we always perform our Hydra jelly mask leaving you with smooth much brighter and tighter looking booty. Also there is option for an add-on on your on your butty facial, the microneedling for treating, laxity, cellulite, scars, hyperpigmentation, and firming up the buttocks.

Why choose Advance Aesthetics for your back and booty facial and exfoliation

  • Result oriented treatments
  • Highly Skilled Medical Aestheticians
  • We use medical grade high quality products for best results
  • Safety Is Our Top Priority
  • We Care About Our Clients
  • Honesty and Integrity Are Very Important To Us
  • We Can Treat All Skin Types
Back or Booty Facial 4 showing the concept of Back or Booty Facial
Back or Booty Facial 5 showing the concept of Back or Booty Facial

Benefits of the back and booty facial

  • Deep cleansing and exfoliation of hard to reach areas
  • Remove black heads and clarify skin
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Helps heal and clear breakouts
  • Helps to even out skin tone
  • Removes dead skin cells build up and ingrown hair
  • Very relaxing and invigorating treatment
  • Leaves skin smooth, hydrated and clean