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Intralipotherapy – Fat Dissolving

FDA & EEA Approved, this procedure has sold over 2 million vials!

Intralipotherapy – Fat Dissolving Treatment, Advance Aesthetics, Luxembourg

Intralipotherapy is an aesthetic advancement in fat dissolving treatments which are in practice to dissolve the subcutaneous deposits of adipose tissues in specific areas of the body. The treatment plan targets the accumulated fats that are non-responsive to the low calorie diet and physical activities. Intralipotherapy includes fat-dissolving (adipocytolytic) solutions having natural ingredients to cause lysis of fat cells. The fat dissolving procedure is safe where adipolytic solutions such as deoxycholic acid (Desobody, Aqualyx) are injected into the stubborn fat pockets, resulting in fat lysis and skin tightening. The lipolytic injections such as Desobody and Aqualyx destroy the fat cells by damaging their cell membrane and liquefying the fats at the treatment area. The liquefied breakdown products of fats remove naturally by the body’s lymphatic system. 

Intralipolytic Injections – Advance Aesthetics

The state of the Art facility of Advance Aesthetics, Luxembourg, provides various surgical alternatives for fat reduction. Dr. Elita Lemoni uses Desobody and Aqualyx injectable solutions to dissolve fat cells. Injectable Desobody and Aqualyx target the specified stubborn areas without causing any side effects and complications. 

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What is Aqualyx? 

Aqualyx is an emerging fat dissolving injectable treatment that has successfully proven to remove fats from the areas such as the chin and hips that are non-responsive to diet and all types of exercises. The injectable compound Aqualyx is made from the deoxycholate family of acids. The product is also commonly called Motolese’s solution, named after the scientist who introduced it. The acid content of the Aqualyx solution destroys the fat cells in the target areas of the body.

 Plastic surgeons also use it to give extra contour to the body after liposuction or other fat-removing procedures. The active ingredients of Aqualyx include buffering chemicals, modified compounds of the deoxycholic group of acids, red microalgae sugars, sodium chloride, water, and other sugar substances. In addition, the fat-dissolving solution has proved effective for treating Pseudo gynecomastia in men where the extra fat tissues grow at the chest areas and appear as a breast. 

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What are the Target Areas of Aqualyx? 

The target areas of Aqualyx might include;

  • Chin 
  • Hips
  • Stomach
  • Back 
  • Thighs
  • Knees 

The intralipotherapy treatment using Aqualyx effectively provides visible contours and a smooth appearance just after a single session. However, more than one treatment sessions give maximum visible results. 

Who is a Viable Candidate for Aqualyx? 

The candidates intending to have intralipotherapy using Aqualyx must pass the candidacy criteria that include the following;

  • Individuals with good skin elasticity
  • People between eighteen to sixty years of age
  • Women who are not pregnant and breastfeeding
  • Patients with Lipodystrophy

Who is not a Good Candidate for Aqualyx? 

  • Patients with skin diseases
  • Patients with skin cancer are not viable to undergo intralipotherapy with Aqualyx.
  • Patients with multiple skin infections 
  • Patients with condition that can affect the fat processing in the body. 

What is the Procedure of Getting Aqualyx Injections? 

The procedure of taking intralipotherapy injections is simple, and it takes about half an hour to an hour to get completed. Following are the procedure steps of getting intralipotherapy injections;

  • Dr. Elita always discusses your treatment goals and expectations before starting the procedure. The initial consultation with the aesthetic physician always helps determine the best treatment plans and number of sessions to achieve the maximum results. 
  • The first procedure step is to clean the treatment area before starting the procedure.
  • Your aesthetician will inject a local numbing solution to numb the area to reduce the injection discomfort. 
  • In the next step, your doctor will inject the Aqualyx solution into the targeted areas. The amount of Aqualyx and the number of injections are dependent on the treatment areas and the number of fat deposits there. 
  • In the last step, Dr. Elita uses the ultrasound device to ensure the even distribution of the injectable material into the skin. 

What are the Potential Side Effects of Aqualyx? 

The mild to moderate side effects of the Aqualyx injection includes the following;

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Redness 
  • Irritation
  • Slight discomfort or burning sensation
  • Allergic reaction to any of the ingredients of Aqualyx

Infrequent side effects include;

  • Irregularities 
  • Allergic reactions
  • Parasthesias
  • Dysesthesia
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Permanent formation of nodules
  • Skin necrosis

What is Desobody? 

Desobody is the next-level innovation in aesthetic medicine. Desobody or Desoface is an FDA-approved injectable solution used widely in aesthetic practice to achieve fat removal goals. Like Aqualyx, the active ingredient of Desobody is sodium deoxycholate that belongs to the deoxycholic family of acids. Desobody has several benefits that make it superior over other fat dissolving injectables like Aqualyx, which includes;

  • Desobody is safe, effective, and comfortable to use
  • Desobody is injected through the single entry point using cannula as compared to multiple injections required by the Aqualyx
  • Desobody injection procedure is quick that possesses minimal to no downtime  

The injectable Desoface is mainly designed for fat removal from facial areas such as the chin, whereas Desobody injections target; 

  • Abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Saddlebags 
  • Bingo wings (Underarm fats) 
  • Buffalo hump (Dorsocervical fats) 
  • Lower abdomen following childbirth 

Desobody injections are also helpful in the treatment of cellulite and lipomas.

What to Expect After Intralipotherapy? 

  • Do not massage the areas for forty-eight hours after the treatment
  • Don’t expose the treated areas to UV light in case of bruising after treatment; it will take two weeks for the bruises 
  • Don’t go for sauna or steam baths for two weeks after the lipotherapy
  • Don’t go for other aesthetic treatments for two weeks in the same area

How Long does the Intralipotherapy Procedure Last? 

Injectable treatment of intralipotherapy lasts for thirty minutes to treat the smaller areas like the chin, whereas sites like the abdomen and thighs take longer that may last up to an hour. The procedure is painless; you may only experience itching, redness, and mild swelling because the product disrupts the fat cells to release their contents resulting in adipose necrosis and reduction in the size of fat cells. Take the initial swelling and redness as a normal body response to intralipotherapy. The redness and discomfort disappear within two hours following the treatment. 

Results are noticeable after one month, and the final results will take approximately two months of Desobody to show its effects. Following active lifestyle and diet routines help you to retain results.

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