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Improve skin texture and tone, as well as encourage new growth!

How Crystal Microdermabrasion Works

Crystal microdermabrasion is one of the most popular types of micro-dermabrasion.

During Crystal microdermabrasion, super-fine crystals are sent from a receptacle on the microdermabrasion machine, through a tube, and to a glass or stainless steel wand. Via the wand, the crystals are sprayed over the skin (think of it as gentle, controlled sandblasting for your skin).

The crystals and exfoliated skin particles are simultaneously vacuumed away through the same wand.1 Used crystals are sent to a second receptacle on the machine and are discarded after every procedure. Don’t worry; they aren’t reused.

Aluminum oxide (corundum) crystals are typically used because they are nearly as hard as diamonds. Magnesium oxide, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), and even sodium chloride (salt) crystals are sometimes used as well.

How Diamond-Tip Microdermabrasion Works

Diamond-tip microdermabrasion is a newer procedure, but one that quickly gained popularity as a crystal-free microdermabrasion option.

Instead of using crystals to exfoliate the skin, a wand with a diamond-encrusted tip is passed over the skin.1

 The diamond tip abrades the skin and, like the crystal version, the exfoliated particles are then vacuumed away through the same wand.

So, to continue the analogy, if crystal microdermabrasion is like sandblasting the skin, diamond-tip microdermabrasion is like using sandpaper.

Diamond-tip microdermabrasion is a bit cleaner, simply because there are no stray gritty crystals left behind on the skin. And some say it’s a bit safer because there are no crystals to accidentally get into the eyes. But if your technician is skilled and careful, this really isn’t an issue.

Because the microdermabrasion wand forms a closed-loop system, the crystals are generally being suctioned back into the machine and not spraying out into the air to be inhaled. 


Both forms of microdermabrasion work similarly. The skin is deeply exfoliated by the crystals or the diamond tip, so it feels softer and smoother immediately after treatment. The exfoliation also helps reduce the formation of comedones and brightens the complexion.2

The suction aspect of the treatment is as vital as the exfoliation itself (it isn’t just helpful in sucking away exfoliated skin.) Called negative pressure in pro-speak, the suction stimulates the dermis, causing a remodeling process to occur.

Microdermabrasion triggers a wound response in the skin. As the skin repairs itself, it becomes thicker, smoother, more elastic, and looks healthier as a result.

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Microdermabrasion is an in-office, professional strength exfoliation of the skin. It is used to improve skin texture and tone, as well as encourage the growth of new cells and collagen. Often, it is used to minimize the appearance of common skin conditions, such as acne scarring, wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks and sun damage. It can also be used to brighten dull skin and give it a more youthful glow. People who undergo microdermabrasion treatments typically enjoy a more youthful appearance and long-lasting results.

Did you know…

That aging causes a gradual loss of collagen in the skin? Collagen is responsible for making skin appear tight, smooth and full – all signs generally associated with youth. Since microdermabrasion treatments promote new collagen production, the skin takes on a smoother and younger appearance with each treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a good candidate for microdermabrasion?

Since microdermabrasion is non-invasive, it is a safe and effective treatment for people with many different skin types and treatment goals. From age spots and hyperpigmentation to large pores and acne, microdermabrasion is beneficial for many different skin conditions. Since microdermabrasion is not recommended for certain skin conditions or people with newly waxed skin, anyone considering the treatment should first consult with a qualified skin care specialist. For more information about microdermabrasion and whether it could be right for you, contact our office to schedule a consultation.

What should I expect during a microdermabrasion treatment session?

Professional microdermabrasion is performed using a wand that gently ‘sands’ the skin. During each session, a diamond-tipped wand buffs away the uneven outer layer of the skin, producing a mild vibration and a scratching sensation. The procedure causes little or no discomfort and typically takes about a half an hour.

What types of results can I expect after my appointment?

You will be able to return to your usual activities immediately after your treatment session. There is no downtime associated with microdermabrasion though it is normal to experience some redness or swelling in the hours immediately following treatment. Initially, several microdermabrasion treatment sessions are performed a few weeks apart, followed by an ongoing maintenance plan to preserve treatment results.